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WinMetrics Corporation Welcome to WinMetrics®
We specialize in developing business intelligence OLAP solutions and custom Microsoft .NET software applications.
Business Intelligence OLAP Consulting
Business Intelligence SQL Server OLAP Expert Inside We are experts at applying Microsoft SQL Server OLAP and Excel technology to deliver useful numbers faster for decision support. Find out how we helped a financial services company develop a flexible performance report for its clients, save $200K in accounting software upgrades and sell $167,000,000 of equity in just 9 months. (more)

We are skilled at applying Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology to develop custom web applications. Here are a few examples:
Product configurator and sales quotation software for the web We developed an Internet Quote system (IQ TM) to help sales reps configure products and get sales quotes 24x7 world-wide using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technology. We offer WinMetrics® IQ as a software product that we can quickly customize to meet your needs. If your sales channel generates 1,000 quotes per year for configured products, IQ can pay for itself in its first year and provide over 200% ROI in 2 years. (more)
"I love your system for quotes! How much faster can this be?"
--   Marc Porlier, Sales Rep, CTS, France for optimal shift work schedules We developed to deliver optimal group schedules for shift workers automatically using the ILOG CLEX optimizer, Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technology. (more) We offer WinMetrics Staffschedule as a software product that we can quickly customize to meet your needs.
" We provide 24x7 Community Housing Support and our scheduling difficulties can be extreme. The clients need multi-skilled care at different intervals. Our Community Support Workers all prefer different hours. On any given day, the time spanned between assignments must not exceed nine hours. Workers are paid by the hour and expect consistent pay per week. Workers are scheduled to be on call for emergency grave duty not more than once per week. And, of course, we must accommodate time off. I spent three years looking for the right software. We found that the Optimizer generates schedules in 10 minutes that are as good as we could produce manually after several hours of hard work. I think I know a good thing when I see it. "
--   Rob Outram, Manager, British Red Cross

Microsoft ASP.NET used to replace Oracle Forms user interface For DeliverExpress TM, we replaced an Oracle Forms user interface with a thin web client using Microsoft ASP.NET technology with their Oracle database. (more) DeliverExpress web edition nows serves over 1,000 users in hospitals throughout Northern California.
IDScan from Card Scanning Solutions We extended the idScanTM SDK from Card Scanning Solutions to develop IDScan.NET that added passport and drivers license scanning/OCR to a credit/debit card processing system for cash delivery.(more)
Custom Microsoft ASP Web Applications
Before we became .NET experts, we were building web applications with Microsoft ASP and SQL Server technology. We have migrated over 200K source lines of ASP code to ASP.NET. Our ASP projects include:
Netliant We developed a version control sub-system for network designs using Active Server Pages (ASPs) and SQL Server. The web interface includes Javascript client-side validations and support for international languages. Including integration with existing code, we averaged 160 debugged source lines per day.
" ... you have definitely demonstrated very high productivity and quality of deliverables. One of the main challenges in such projects is the ability to extend existing code and still be able to deliver. It was a pleasure working together. Feel free to use me as a future reference. "
--   Gadi Naveh, Chief Architect

Pharmacy Performance System We developed a graphical pharmacy performance system (PPS) for a Fortune 500 health care organization using Microsoft Excel web queries and SQL Server. (more)
" PPS makes it easy for pharmacy managers to adopt our best practices. Now we spend very little time gathering data and more time with our people and our customers. After PPS was deployed, my Exececutive VP had me showcase PPS at an Inter-Regional Directors meeting and I was stunned by the applause. I was then asked to manage 6 additional pharmacies, which were not making money at the time. Using PPS, it only took me only one month to get them into the black. PPS is awesome and it continues to keep pace with the changing nature of our business. "
--   Irving Choi, PPS Project Manager

Real Estate Asset Management System We developed a real estate Asset Management System (AMS) used nationwide by a Fortune 500 oil company using Microsoft ASP and SQL Server technologies. (more)
" AMS 2.0 was deployed ahead of schedule and under budget. As a result, the project team received a tremendous amount of favorable exposure and recognition by senior management. Our property managers depend on it for managing, planning and budgeting. "
--   Darryl Lycett, AMS Project Manager We developed a beautiful, informative, easy-to-navigate web site for college students who want to study abroad. (show me)
" I was hoping that WinMetrics would make it easier for the right people to find me. After only two weeks on-line, it felt like we opened the flood gates. I had to hire two people to help me respond to all the inquiries. "
--   Michael Cruciano, President, Study Abroad Italy

The Measure of Success


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