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The Measure of SuccessTM
WinMetrics Corporation WinMetrics®/IQ: Fast and Flexible Product Configurator and Sales Quote Software

Microsoft ASP.NET used for Product Configuration and Sales Quotes WinMetrics®/IQ is a product configurator and sales quote web application. If your sales channel generates 1,000 quotes per year for configured products, IQ can pay for itself in its first year and provide over 200% ROI in 2 years. Jupiter Systems, the display wall technology company (more), wanted a faster, easier way to communicate product configuration and pricing to its direct sales reps and world-wide network of dealers. To satisfy Jupiter's requirements, we developed the Jupiter Online Quotes System (JOQS). JOQS enables Jupiter sales reps and dealers to configure a display wall controller and get a sales quote in seconds via the Internet. Since January 2002, JOQS has generated over 70,000 sales quotes for over 500 users. With Jupiter's blessing, we generalized the JOQS code to create the product we call WinMetrics® IQTM, for Internet Quotes. To follow is the IQ Product Description.

"I love your system for quotes! How much faster can this be?"
--   Marc Porlier, Sales Rep, CTS - France

What Is WinMetrics/IQ?
Internet-ready product configurator and sales quote software.
Customized to fit your organization, channel and products
Can be customized and deployed in 8 weeks.
Uses industry-standard XML and XSL to encode configuration rules and presentation.
Runs in the cloud supported by Windows Azure so that you pay as you go for platform expenses.

Why Your Sales Channel Needs IQ

"I love joqs! "
--   Mark Dustan, Regional Sales Manager, Jupiter Systems

For example:
$100,000 savings = 1,000 configured product quotes per year

* 0.2 hours (12 minutes) saved per quote

* $1,000,000 average annual sales quota

/ 2,000 hours sales effort to make quota
(6,000) Estimated Windows Azure platform services
(45,000) IQ software license and customization(1)
Break Even
First Year and over 200% ROI in 2 years
(1) For a product line as complex as Jupiter Systems
IQ Accelerates Revenue

IQ accelerates revenue by decreasing time to market. (click for full-scale image)
IQ accelerates revenue by decreasing time to market.
(click to zoom in)
Minor pricing and product configurator software changes can be made in a matter of hours. Major pricing and product configurator software changes can be rolled out in days instead of weeks. And most of that time is waiting for online reviews. When the channel starts selling a new product faster, its lifespan is extended and its revenue arrives sooner. These benefits are in addition to the ROI based on sales productivity alone.

Case Study: Jupiter Systems

Jupiter Systems was successful using WinMetrics/IQ product configurator and sales quote software Jupiter's sales distribution channel consists of over 50 dealers world-wide. There are over 500 direct and indirect sales people that represent Jupiter's products. Display wall technology, like most audio-visual equipment, is a fast-moving technology. In their highly competitive niche, Jupiter must roll out new pricing and new products quickly. The rub is that their products must be configured. Some products have dozens of options and all products have spare parts that must be quoted.

"We needed a better way to communicate configuration and pricing throughout our global distribution channel"
--   John Stark, Director, Product Development, Jupiter Systems

Jupiter Before IQ
Before WinMetrics/IQ product configurator and sales quote software
The distribution channel was slow to learn new products.
Each rep created quotes as Word documents and stored them in their private quote file system.
It took 15 minutes effort on average per manual quote.
Inconsistent configurations, pricing and product descriptions were quoted. Each incident created order entry grief.
Order entry errors occurred due to miscommunication and misunderstandings.
" Quoting a given configuration was tedious and updates were difficult to deploy. "
--   John Stark, Director, Product Development

Jupiter After IQ
IQ was deployed in January 2002.
IQ is available 24x7 in all time zones. The reps in China and Europe appreciate this.
Configuring a display wall controller and getting a sales quote can be done in less than 60 seconds. (more)
JOQS automatically assigns a unique number to each new quotes and never forgets who authored it for improved accountabiliy.
A given quote can be retrieved instantly by dealers or support staff to prevent misunderstanding.
Similar quotes can be retrieved instantly to isolate and correct misquotes.
Shorter channel learning curve. Less effort, training required to represent Jupiter.
New products roll out 75% faster.
Faster response to competitive pricing.
Single pricing source, no obsolete hardcopies
Pricing is more consistent.
No more problem orders.
Before WinMetrics/IQ product configurator and sales quote software
" IQ gives our sales people more time to listen to our customers "
--   John Stark, Director, Product Development

  1. Select a product
  2. Specify you configuration requirements
  3. See the quote and, optionally, download it in PDF format
"I love IQ!"
--   James Cooney, Regional Sales Manager, Jupiter Systems

IQ Features
Plenty of online help
Document-style, print-worthy quote format with a printable display option
Supports both MSIE 4+ and Firefox 1+
Secure access
Robust channel organization model and privileges
Reseller login support with restricted quote visibility.
Email notification broadcast and web alerts to communicate with channel.
Prospect tracking
Everything about the configuration and pricing dialog is controlled by industry-standard XML/XSL text files that can be easily changed without interrupting online service
Extensible database schema
Flexible configuration rules graphically defined in an XSD schema file
Product configuration rules in XSD schema (click for full-scale image)
Product configuration rules in XSD schema
(click to zoom in)
IQ Platform is Windows Azure: 99.9% Reliable and Incrementally Scalable
 (click for full-scale image) WinMetrics/IQ is a Microsoft ASP.NET application supported by the latest .NET Framework and Windows operating system. It is deployed as a cloud application in Windows Azure. There are no up front costs for:
  • computer hardware, load balancers, routers, ect...
  • server operating systems
  • network bandwidth
  • system and network administrators
  • emergency power
  • disaster recovery
  • automatic failover to hot spares for 99.9% reliability
You simply pay as you go and only for the resources that you consume.
Deployment Milestones
Time Frame
Events and Deliverables
Week 0 WinMetrics agreement executed.
Week 3 Product configuration dialog specification accepted.
Week 6 Prototype on Windows Azure staging server accepted.
Week 7 Production application deployed on multiple Windows Azure servers for 99.9% up-time. On-site training conducted.
Week 8 Email “Getting Started” document to users. Go live!
Good Service After the Sale
WinMetrics/IQ is easy to maintain product configurator software Updates are deployed without interrupting active user sessions.
" IQ emails problem reports to WinMetrics automatically. We have often received fixes without calling WinMetrics. "
--   John Stark, Director, Product Development

" About all I do for IQ now is to put in patches and make sure the drive does not fill up. I spend about 1 hour a month supporting IQ. The patches are simple to do. "
--   Philip Klingelhofer, System Administrator, Jupiter

Let’s Get to Work on Your IQ!
To request a WinMetrics/IQ demonstration or proposal please contact:
The Measure of Success
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