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WinMetrics Corporation Business Intelligence OLAP Consulting Services
If you need to measure and analyze the performance of your business, WinMetrics is here to serve you. We hope that you will contact us if you have any of these business intelligence needs:
Our Senior Executives need faster response to their accounting questions.
Our financial reports are inflexible. It is not easy to drill down to lower levels.
It is difficult to isolate the cause of variances in my budget tracking reports.
We need better financial reports, but the cost of upgrading our accounting system is too high.
We want to move to a virtual close of our accounting systems in order to make decisions faster.
We need a sales, operations or production performance report that we can diagnose.
It seems like every time I want a variation in my financial reports, I have to call a programmer.
A senior executive who needs business intelligence OLAP consulting from WinMetrics

A Controller who needs business intelligence OLAP consulting from WinMetrics
OLAP Can Help and We Are OLAP Experts
Our case studies prove that On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology can be applied to solve all of the problems listed above. For example, we helped a financial services company develop a flexible performance report for its clients, save $200K in accounting software upgrades and sell $167,000,000 of equity in just 9 months (more). Here's how:
We develop OLAP reports that allow users to recombine report dimensions at will, drill down to lower-level totals and drill through to detail records.
Develop hierarchical budget tracking reports that make it easy to isolate the cause of high-level variances by drilling down to details.
Transform your accounting or operations data into multi-dimensional SQL Server databases that are accessed via OLAP pivot tables in Microsoft Excel or Internet Explorer.
Import information from a variety of databases and files into a central Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse.
Develop low-maintenance systems that deliver updated financial information via Microsoft Excel or web browsers.
How to Get Started with OLAP
Enjoying the results of business intelligence OLAP consulting from WinMetrics and Microsoft SQL Server
Contact us by phone or email for a free consultation.
Hire us to develop a prototype report in Excel @ $995. (more)
Invite us to bid on developing a production-worthy data warehouse and OLAP reports.
SPECIAL OFFER: one General Ledger cube with up to six dimensions including balance sheet and profit and loss statement in Excel @ $9,500 fixed cost (more).
The Measure of Success
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